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Some Javascripts:

AlertWindows   Pops up a little alert window with text you specify.
BannerRotater   Rotate banners using Java Script.
Date   Prints the current date on a web page.
DateOverTime   Prints the date over the time.
Glow-Text   Mouse-over glow text links
Link Drop Menu   A form dropdown menu that navigates.
DropDownMenus   Drop down layers. Can use as menus.
NetscapeLayerFix   Corrects layers blowing up in older versions of Netscape.
RedirectOnBrowser   Detects several browsers, and send each to a page you specify.
RedirectOnBandwidth   Detects Bandwidth and redirects according to low, med, high.
No Right Click   Disable right-clicks on your web page
SimpleCalculator   A real simple little calculator.
SimplePassword   A simple password script to keep 'honest people honest'.
SoundAcrossBrowsers   Plug in a sound knowing just about any browser will play it.
HotKeyJump   Let a user go to a url just by pressing a key on the keyboard.
Field Messages   Rotate messages in a form field
http://www.rgagnon.com/masters/js-varia.html - Good resource

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