Selecting Tags in Dreamweaver MX

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Ever change an image in Dreamweaver, and have 'ghost links' floating around your page?  Here's an easy way to avoid that, and this same method can be used to make precise selections of your code without having to go into code view.

    To replace an image and link in Dreamweaver MX:
 1. click on the banner in design view.  On the bottom you'll see the <img> bold (selected).

2. Click on the small <a> just to the left of it, and that will also select the <a> (link) tag.  Anything you now paste in will replace the link and not leave a "ghost" link.

Fig. 1
3. In code view, you canl see the entire link and image selected.  Here you can right-click in the selection, and choose Paste.
Fig. 2
This holds true whether you are selecting a block of linked text, or if you want to select a table, or a table row, or everything inside a certain tag, including the tag.  Just click on the tag in the small bar under your page view window (directly under your windows tabs, just above th properties box).  Click on the tag there, and it and everything it contains will be selected.

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