Connect to mysql on remote (testing) server with Dreamweaver MX

Edit a site by double-cliciking on the Site dropdown or choosing Sites...edit sites. Make sure you take the public_html/ out of the URL prefix. (50kb)
1. Connect to see the testing site files. Once you're connected, click at 2 to add a mysql connection available to your site. (35kb)
Now that you're connected, you see the site files in the files panel. Now you'll be ready to add a mysql connection. (25kb)
Here you enter the values you created for your database and user. The host remains as localhost, since your testing server is local to the database. Remember cpanel appends your user name to every database and user you make. Don't forget to add a user to a database before using it for a connection here. You can Select the database if you want, after you've put in the other info. You can click test to make sure it works. (18kb)
Now you're ready for (4) Create a Recordset. You cannot do this until you've done 1-3. (47kb)
Here you choose the connection you just made, and choose a table from the drop menu. You can filter your query by a number of variables, or you can click on advanced... (23kb)
The advanced recordset dialog box allows you to basically type in an open query. You can just hardocde variable names into the query, as long as you follow mysql syntax. (37kb)
Here is an example of an advanced query, where we are filtering by a variable that will come in on a form submittal. (32kb)
Once you've made your recordset and set up queries, you want to GET your page, since you are working on the remote server.  This way you can have a local copy.  You can also synchronize your site after each design session. (49kb)
Click to view a short video clip of setting up a table that shows data from a query.

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