Custom Perl Script Maker

  These scripts can be made simply, just by filling out some forms.
You will receive pages with the code.
IT pros and web designers beware!

These scripts have been tested to be spam-safe on many websites on several different webhosts for over a year without issues.
Lunarpages customers name them carefully or they MAY be disabled on Lunarpages servers.
Lunarpages only recommends the NMS Mail form found at this location.
These scripts have never been exploited on any other webhost that I know of.

Bring Your Own Form. Simple redirect script.
Use this if you have a form and don't need user input displayed back-it just sends the user to a url of your choice.

Scripts with forms & more options
Allowed Domains - Put in your domain: as you see it there. No spaces. Only forms on the domain you enter here can post to your script.
Email Address the form will send to: *Required
Having Trouble? Allowed Domains?
Other Scripts

Click here to make a custom php mail script.

To download a small, simple perl counter script, click here.

Click here to make a complex perl mail script. To download a perl counter script that accepts some variables, click here.
Click here for mysql table and php data forms makers.

Need a good, easy-to-use shopping cart and online transactions?

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