This script will redirect the user after submit.
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  This  script will send  the input to your email. It will immediately take the user to an address (web page URL) you specify.

This script needs to know if your cgi (perl) scripts run under your user name. If you don't know, ask your webhost.
Do not continue until you know the answer to this question!

Script and form
Below you will specify some field names. You don't have to use all the fields, and you can skip fields.
Use simple field names like "LastName", "Address", "City" "State","Zip","Comments","HairColor", etc.
the subject field ONLY.
• Allowed domain:  ONLY 1domain (yours) in here in format The form posting to the script MUST be on this domain.
• If you choose Radio for a field type, that field will have two radio buttons, values of "Yes" and "No".
You can go into your HTML form later and edit the values (example- Gender: Male Female).

Make me two fields called Name and Email leave checked in to automatically have these made (don't include them below)
Allowed Domain* - NO spaces, NO http:// ONLY ONE, in format
Email address the form will send to*
Field types:
Text Checkbox Radio
Subject of the Emails from the form*
T  |  C  |  R
Name of Field #3
Name of Field #4
Name of Field #5
Name of Field #6
Large field
Name of Field #7
Name of Field #8
Name of Field #9
Name of Field #10
Large field
Location (URL) after form submitted (Include http://)* 
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