Make a PHP Mailer Script - Simpler script here
If you just enter a recipient and submit, youll get a form script with Name, Email, and Comments fields.
After you submit the form, just copy the script into your favorite editor or a notepad window (word wrap OFF!), and save it as a .php file. 
Try entering what you think you would like to get a feel for it.  Then come back and make it more to your liking.

1. The recipient email the form will send to - This is the only REQUIRED field.
Address that will RECEIVE emails sent by your form.

2. Set up the page the user sees after submitting the form:
1. The Title of your Form Page:

2. Text on Results Page  (One Line)- Something Like Thank you for your comments.
NOTE: You can use $Name to show the person's name in the text.
Leave blank for a simple Thank you, (name), your message was sent.

Show user what he submitted? Check for Yes

3. The url of the return link - Can be relative like ./ or ./thispage.html
or absolute -

4. The text of the return link -  Something like Back to Home Page, or Return, or Continue.

3. Now let's set some properties of the form:
6. The Subject of the Emails
(Leave Blank for user-defined subject)

7. Select fields the user will fill in on the form (Suggested to leave all selected)
Name     Email Address     Message/Comments

 Want more fields? The three above create Name, Email field, and large comments fields.
Field Name (no spaces): Type:
Field Name (no spaces): Type:
Field Name (no spaces): Type:


For a more complex form see our perl mailer script.
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