SEO service and how it works
Search engine optimization and Organic search engine ranking.

    You hire an SEO company. They create content in and out of your site that helps to drive traffic.  Your hits go up. How much do your sales or other conversions go up?  What, exactly are they doing to drive this traffic to your site?  You don't need to know.

    Or do you?  There is content going up on your site that will affect how search engines index pages in your site for organic ranking. Usually it is their pages (not yours) that draw the hits. That's because they use a formula of keyword linking that makes these pages relevant. The formula is well-known. It is the implementation that can get tricky.  Are they getting relevant traffic, or just hits? Some SEO companies provide 'relative linking' by posting pages on your site that link to sites that provide similar products or services.  So, you are linking to your competition.   Other sites are charging enormous monthly fees to do what amounts to simple data entry.

    We have plans that let you start small and let you decide how far you want to go. Our pricing below to the right, includes packages for every size business. We start with a search market analysis to see what kind of terms your targeted people are using, and an analyis of your competitors to see what we're up against. Then we make recommendations. Each program is tailored to the specific business with personal attention.

    We have a multi-faceted SEO formula that will drive relevant traffic to your site. In time the truly relevant content accumulating on your site and-more importantly-offsite, linking back to your site(s) will help get more people to your target pages that are looking for what you provide. We feature the SEO Engine that shows your users relative content even if they mistyped a URL!  See one version of it at work at (content posted is not from this site) - one of the nation's largest hospices. Click on the link. In the window that opens, refresh the page. It will show random articles if none is in the indicated in the URL. Even if someone mistypes a URL, it will give them a relevant article. Here is an example of a single article URL at that same location. This specific article links back to their volunteer page, in keyworded copy about volunteering. As these articles pile up month by month, your site gains authority and ranking for the targeted keywords!

    You can be in as much control of your content as you want. We can take care of the whole thing, you can do it all, or anywhere in between. Read more about the SEO Engine.

Search engine optimization -seo

How it works
1. We start with the SEO Engine. This is software we install on your sites that is yours to keep. It will generate pages with titles, keywords and a body. The URLs to these pages are search-engine friendly. You must put some of this software on domains other than your main domain for it to be effective. Most webhosts do not charge extra for hosting additional domains. The registration fee for the domains should be under $10/year per domain. We recommend a minimum of 4-5 SEO Engine domains. We help you pick the names.

2. We create an administrative (password-protected) area of your site that will contain areas where you can add or edit your 'SEO' article pages. We provide guidelines and in-depth, redundant tracking that doesn't innundate you with data so that we can help you streamline your SEO efforts efficiently.

3. We will go through your site and make sure keyword density is within what the search engines like to see. We will work with your staff or web designer to maintain proper density and properly change it with changing public demands and interests.

4. The next step is creating, expanding and maintaining a dynamic, keyworded linkback network to your site. These will not be links on your competitors' sites put there by SEO companies.  
These will be links on social networking sites and other domains that you may own which will all work together to bring relevant, targeted traffic to your conversion pages.

Basic Packages start at $500 setup/$400 monthly

 Full SEO Packages include Social Networking • Pay-per-click Management Newsfeed Integration Newsletter Integration start at $600 setup/$500 monthly

  We can manage your ongoing SEO campaigns or coach you or your staff on managing them yourself using the SEO Engine and what we'll teach you! You can spend a minimum setup or monthly charges that vary depending on what you want to do.  

For more information, referals and specific pricing, fill out our form.


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