The SEO Engine

Have some domains you are using (or want to use) for marketing your business online?

Publish fresh, search-engine-friendly content and build your own relevant keyword attraction pages! No HTML necessary. Page titles, keyworded links, meta tags, all generated easily from a single management page that you can add articles to, or we can add unique, non-spun creative articles for you (with any of our monthly SEO plans).

Handle as many domains as you like from a single place! See the screenshot below. The SEO Engine lets you select the domain, counts your characters, and creates a search-engine-friendly URL that displays the article as a web page within your template or design. The numbers next to each domain show how many articles are currently on that domain.

SEO Engine backend

1. We install the software on your website (requires standard LAMP) to enter articles which get turned into web pages, and give you an overview of how it works with some keyprhase guidance. If you choose to have us handle your SEO needs we will also install tracking software.

2. You can either have us handle your SEO needs and we can incorporate a number of monthly articles into the SEO program, or you can add articles yourself using the installed SEO Engine software. Or both!

Articles are displayed according to keyworded links. If an exact match is not displayed, the SEO engine will display the most relevant, with keyworded links to other relevant articles.

Get yours!

     Our search engine keyprhase attraction methods employ a long-term, multi-domain approach. By creating a network of truly relevant articles that link back to your target pages, you can make sure your website is considered relevant for the keywords that best describe what you provide. Our system doesn't just drive traffic. It drives relevant traffic. Read more about our SEO services.


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