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Basic Content Management

This application allows a user who knows little or no html to manage some of the basic content in a website without having to use an intense CMS such as Nuke or Drupal. This application is simple and keeps you in control of your site. It uses a mysql database and a password-protected management area to control content.

There are links to content-controlled pages, and their management pages at the bottom of this page.

Everything above the heading 'Basic Content Management' and also what's in the grey box to the right, is content that is controlled through a content management area (or 'backend'). In this way you can change the header for the entire site quickly. Or you can quickly change a piece of information site-wide. This facilitates site personalization. This can be configured to change content automtically. Below are links to the management pages. This application can be customized to control other areas of the website. Last one to utzilie this is a rotten egg!

ADMINISTRATIVE PAGES - Links below point to pages that would be placed in a protected administrative area. Each link below points to a page that will edit the page it names...

Manage: Business name & Logo

Manage Pages: Home Page FAQ Page About Us Page

Manage Policies: Shipping Return Privacy Site Use

Links to the managed pages :
Home Page/Management Links | About Page | FAQ Page | Policies Page

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