If you are here it is because you market anywhere between one and one thousand or so websites or commodities (products or services).
This system helps you manage that marketing. You don't need to know html any more than what is needed to create a good web-based advertisement. You can paste pre-made html code into the creative window from anywhere.

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Install Marketing Campaign Management Support Files

Before you start there is information you must have ready:

BEFORE CONTINUING: Some web hosts require you to create a database through their interface.
Make sure you have created a database user with priveleges on the database you wil be using, or can create a new one here.
On a Microsoft™ server, you may need to correct some of the PATH items below. Please check them carefully.
Database Name: Enter db name for an existing database, leave to make new one.
Host Name: Usually localhost
User Name: Mysql user name with privileges
Password: Mysql user password
TRACKING: (Please read!) The PATH your tracking files will be in - FULL path (/home/www/cgi-bin/track or C:\...)
cgi-bin PATH: The full PATH (home/tracking/cgi-bin...) to your cgi-bin for this host,
cgi-bin URL: The full URL (http://www...) to your cgi-bin.

Leave below blank if this is a Linux system
Is this a Windows (Microsoft - Not Linux) System? Yes.
If so, DRIVE ( include colon, ':') that TRACKING directory is in: example -  D:

  (No trailing backslashes in paths/urls above)

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